What to Look For When Shopping for a Gaming Monitor

Your gaming experience greatly depends on the choice of the gaming monitor you use for gaming. There are several factors that are important to consider when shopping for a gaming monitor which are key to determining your gaming experience. With the breakdown below, you can improve your decisiveness when it comes to choosing the best gaming monitor since it entails the key factors that you are supposed to consider.

1. Size

Generally, your gaming experience is hugely dependent on the size of the monitor you use for gaming. The larger the size of the monitor you use for gaming the better the experience. This, therefore, makes size a pivotal factor to look into when it comes to choosing a gaming monitor. However, if you are going for a 1080p monitor, then it is advisable not to go for a monitor larger than 24 inches due to low pixel density.

2. Resolution

Basically, this refers to the number of pixels displayed by a monitor. It is an important factor to consider since it determines the display of images when gaming. For a better gaming experience, it is therefore key to consider a monitor with the highest resolution. Generally, gaming monitors come in 3 resolutions which include: 1080p(Full HD), 1440p(QHD) and 2160p(UHD).

Monitors ranging from QHD to UHD are the ones most preferable when to gaming for their impeccable performance as well as visual quality.

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3. Refresh Rate

This is another crucial factor to consider before buying a gaming monitor. It mainly refers to the number of times the screen can refresh a displayed image per second. This, therefore, implies that the higher the refresh rate, the better gaming experience you acquire. Some games also require high refresh rates therefore in cases where a monitor with a low refresh rate is used. You will have a mediocre gaming experience full of lagging which is undesired.

Generally, gaming monitors come in refresh rates ranging from 60Hz to 240Hz. However, the most preferable refresh rates are either 144Hz or 240Hz which really aid in improving your gaming experience.

4. Panel technology

Generally monitors either rely on twisted nematic or in-plane switching panels. Both aim at improving performance. However, between the two, the twisted nematic panel is more preferable if anticipate splendid pixel response during gaming.

5. Adaptive sync

When choosing a gaming monitor, you should be keen to pick one with either free sync or G-sync which is a technology that reduces tearing as well as other motion artifacts while reducing input lag as well. Monitors equipped with either Nvidia’s G-sync or AMD’s free sync are preferably the best to consider in your purchase since they give the control of the refresh rate of the screen to the GPU which in turn ensure a smooth gaming experience with lower input lag which is every gamer dream for a good gaming experience.

The above factors are the most crucial ones to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a gaming monitor, and if taken into consideration you can be assured of buying a gaming monitor which will surely impress you when it comes to gaming experiences.

Philips launches 43-Inch 4K Gaming LCD Monitor with DisplayHDR 1000

The innovation of Philips new launch in its product line is storming the market with shock and ecstasy. The new product comes in the format of a powerful gaming monitor. The product’s name is Momentum and looks different from the high standard of monitors.


One thing is clear about the new product; it comes with the DisplayHDR 1000 standard. Why is the 4k monitor different from other products in its category? In truth, the Momentum remains the first and only monitor that is designed with a DisplayHDR 1000 certification.

Benefits For Purchasing And Using The Product:

1. It is comfortable and straightforward to use

2. The product is designed with a DisplayHDR 1000 standard

3. Using this monitor will help to improve your gaming experience

4. It can bring you comfort and fun while playing your favorite game

Philips Momentum 43-Inch FreeSync And Other Features:

For gamers, this is the best 144hz monitor to purchase. Even if you are a multimedia professional, the liquid display of the Philips new monitor will blow your mind. The comfort that the monitor gives is beyond anticipation. Do you want to catch fun while playing your video game? Look no further than buying this new product today.

The measurement and Quantum Dot-based backlighting are fantastic features that capture your attention at first glance. One thing makes the Philips new product unique is the FreeSync feature. Working along with the VESA’s DisplayHDR 1000 badge, gamers will be able to enjoy their investment.

Putting together the FreeSync and HDR makes a perfect sense to the producer. The main reason for adopting the FreeSync technology is to help you get the best performance of this monitor. The DCI-P3 color surrounding of this best 144hz monitor is protected up to ninety percent.

Another thing that gamers will enjoy is the Low Framerate Compensation feature. The main benefit that you get from this feature is to experience a dynamic refresh rate.

Design And Performance:

As one of the best 144hz monitors in the market, the Momentum 436M6 operates with Quantum dots. The ambiglow and remote also help to boost the credibility of the product.

It contains the features of a pure FRC VA panel. The brightness of the product’s screen is between 600-1000 nits. Gamers will be excited by the high contrast ratio of the monitor.

With its 3840 x 2160 resolution, you will also be able to enjoy a high refresh rate. Along with accurate colors and the HDR feature, you can be sure to see how the Ambiglow feature of the product works.


The Momentum 436M6 is the best 144hz monitor of its kind to storm the market. It is fundamentally different and unique from other monitors because of the DisplayHDR 1000 standard. If you are a gaming fan looking for comfort and improved experience, then the Momentum 436M6 remains the right product to buy.

The monitor is already available for gamers that want to give it a try. Apart from the fantastic features of the monitor, you can still afford to buy one at the initial launch date.