Showbox Alternatives 2018 – 5 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS)

Showbox is an amazing app that lets you stream movies and TV shows from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. To any movie buff, nothing can compare to unlimited access to free movies, and Showbox provides just that. But the app does have its flaws, and its only normal to be curious about other alternatives out there. This article seeks to satisfy your curiosity by introducing you to 5 of the best Showbox alternative apps for 2018.

1. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD works and feels like Showbox. The only conspicuous distinction is its bluish theme. If you’re familiar with Showbox, you will feel right at home. There are tons of HD content to stream, and its interface is easy to navigate. It contains cool additional features such as reviews & rating and subtitles. There are no premium versions; every feature is available for free. PlayBoX HD is available on Android and iOS.

2. Movie Box

Movie Box is yet another great alternative to Showbox. It offers quite the same features but only supports English and Russian languages. The developers of the app have done well to eliminate ads. But they have replaced it with yet another annoying feature: You have to watch a trailer first before you can enjoy your movie or TV show. One great thing about the app is that new movies are released rather quickly

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3. Hulu

Hulu is a popular movie streaming site, and I can bet you have probably heard of it. If you use ShowBox for PC, the app can be a great alternative since you can stream movies on your PC, phone or tablet. It provides a vast selection of movies and TV shows, and its content is regularly updated. Hulu offers an awesome streaming experience since it is compatible with Chromecast.

4. Popcorn Time

It may not have the most creative name, but Popcorn Time is one of the best alternatives to Showbox. It supports multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Linux and is available in multiple languages. It also supports subtitles and smart TV connection. You can change its language and interface seamlessly, and there are no delays or lags during startup.

5. MegaBox HD

With a more or less similar interface to Showbox, MegaBox HD is a great alternative for Android users. Apple users will have to sit out on this one, though, since it doesn’t support iOS. The app allows you to choose between 360p and 720p display depending on the strength of your internet connection. Being a free app, you should expect to see ads popping up here an there. Otherwise, it is a great app for streaming movies and TV shows.

Showbox is undoubtedly one of the best apps for streaming movies and TV shows. But if you have become too familiar or fed up with it, it won’t hurt to explore. If you have been using Showbox for PC, phone or tablet, the apps listed above are just as good and can serve as great alternatives. But don’t just take my word for it; check them out for yourself. You may find one that suits your needs better.

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