5 Best CotoMovies Alternative Apps for 2020

This article is solely dedicated to CotoMovies fans. We have covered all the best CotoMovies alternatives for Android Boxes, Fire TV devices and other Android-based platforms like mobile & tablets.

CotoMovies has shut down recently. This happened when some filmmakers took legal action so that no site can disperse the personal data of the viewer. Similarly, a third-party app store like Tweak Box was also banned. No doubt it is a good initiative but viewers are a bit disappointed with this decision.

Note: We do not encourage any copyright violations. It is advised to get a good VPN for streaming movies and TV shows online. VPN conceals the online identity of a spectator by hiding the IP address. Hence, apps such as CotoMovies will not be able to share your personal information. Now, if you have a good VPN you can without second thought “Download CotoMovies APK, stay safe!

If you were a CotoMovies user and looking for similar apps to stream movies online we have assorted the best apps for you. All thanks to the plenty of good apps available online. Let us take a glance first. Then we will describe them later.

Top 5 Best CotoMovies Alternative Apps That You Must Check

  • Cinema HD APK:

Cinema HD APK is an app that is a must to mention. With an endless library of demanding shows and movies, this tops the list. It is user-friendly and has an easy interface. Just download Cinema HD APK and start streaming. It’s that simple!

It has freshly updated content. Whenever a movie or show is released you find it here within a few hours. The developer takes care of security and makes sure there are no bugs or malicious content.

This is a lightweight app and works smoothly on any device. It fetches films from top quality sources and provides 1080p (HD) resolution. It also offers Real Debrid sign up so you get an opportunity to access premium links. Hence, there is no doubt that Cinema HD APK is an exceptional proxy for CotoMovies.

  • CyberFlix TV: 

CyberFlix TV is a high-quality substitute for CotoMovies. It is a popular and well-known movie streaming apps. It has hundreds of TV shows and a good collection of latest as well as old movies.

Not just this, CyberFlix is also capable of pulling quality links from multiple sources. Dozens of top movies can be watched if linked with Real Debrid.

It is updated regularly and you will find newly released movies and just aired episodes. The app often updates whenever there are new additions. So, whenever you get a pop up of renewing make sure you do that. It is easy to install and use.

  • Titanium TV:

You might have heard about Titanium TV before. It is extremely popular in the streaming world. Initially, it was available only for Android smartphones. However, with increasing competition and popularity, developers decided to offer it on TV devices. Amazon Fire TV Remote is fully compatible with Titanium TV and for the screen.

You will love this app store and a pleasant interface. Whether you are fond of old movies or the new, it has something for everyone. The latest films and shows are periodically added to the list so it never runs out of the options.

It captures low space and has high performance. You get multiple links for one title. It is even better on platforms like Real Debrid or Trakt.

  • Tea TV:

This is a well-liked app that is lightweight and easily accessible. Tea TV has a great performance on TV boxes and obviously on Android platforms. No doubt you can pick this as an alternative to CotoMovies.

A huge number of movies and the latest TV episodes are lineups in this app. The content gets regularly updated therefore no boring sessions. Tea TV is also compatible with Trakt and Real Debrid. Hence you get HD and smooth watching sessions. It is compatible with FireStick Remote too.

  • Bee TV:

Bee TV is new on the list. However, it is recognized due to its consistency and simple interface. Just install the app and start using it. There is plenty of data and videos to stream through.

We all want new and refreshing content with updated movies and shows, isn’t it? This app is perfect for those who look for quality and trusted sources. You can pair it with Real Debrid for several options.

Bee TV is remote-friendly and the app adjusts the resolution as per TV screen ratio, that’s cool!

Winding Up:

So, here are the CotoMovies alternatives that you were looking for. I am sure that these apps will fill the loop of the CotoMovies and will live up to the expectations. All the apps mentioned here as tested before recommendations.

Still, if you feel some apps are worth mentioning, let us know. We are open to questions and suggestions. Do write to us. Have a Good Day!

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